How it works: Speech and Language Therapy for your child

How it works: Speech and Language Therapy for your child

An appointment within a week

We aim to offer you an appointment with one of our professional Speech & Language Therapists within one week of your initial enquiry. We will not keep you waiting for therapy, and do not operate a waiting list. If we’re unable to see you straight away, we’ll try our best to refer you on to a service that can.

Assessment and Report

An ACCESS Speech and Language Therapist will first assess your child. We take a case history (in other words: we ask you more about the concerns you have about your child’s speech and language and any related issues) and carry out a detailed assessment. We then provide an in-depth report, detailing your child's strengths and difficulties and outlining the relevant educational implications. If required, we will then deliver a tailor-made therapy programme to meet your child's individual needs.

The Therapy

Therapy sessions are held either at your child’s school or at your home. This depends on you and your child’s needs and we’ll discuss it with you on your initial call.

We use up-to-date, motivating, fun resources during therapy sessions, as we believe that children learn best when they’re enjoying themselves.

And we share all therapy goals with parents/carers, making sure they’re practical and relevant to the child's everyday life.

The best outcomes are achieved when therapy activities and strategies are carried over from therapy sessions into everyday life. So we pride ourselves on working closely with your child's teachers and TAs, as well as providing resources and work for practising at home.

Extensive and diverse experience

ACCESS therapists have experience of working with children who experience global delay, receptive and expressive language delay, receptive and expressive language disorder, speech delay, speech disorder, stammering (stuttering), dyslexia, autism and other learning difficulties.

Holistic approach

It’s in the best interests of your child to have therapy that’s joined-up with all other interventions. We’re happy to work with fellow health professionals, for example an occupational therapist or physiotherapist.

We always keep teaching staff involved, and encourage education professionals to take part in therapy sessions. We also provide work for your child to continue at school, so they can practise using new-found skills outside the therapy session.

We welcome the opportunity to work alongside Local Authority speech and language therapists whenever we can.